Cocina Heritage Catering

Cocina Heritage offers a variety of homemade, seasonal entrees from Central to Southern Mexico. Mexican food was added to the list of the world's intangible cultural heritage as of 2010 and Cocina Heritage is a proud representative of such nomination.

We pride ourselves on using the original recipes of our native cuisine to every dish and region as far back in time as possible. Mexican cuisine is not only extremely diverse but it has maintained its traditional processes thanks to the passing of recipes from generation to generation.

Regional Mexican dishes are fulfilling, flavorful, with layers of complex savors that create an incomparable cuisine.  One of our main ingredients is ground corn masa, which is processed through Nixtamalization, a pre-Hispanic technology that is known for retaining and enhancing corn's high nutritional benefits.

Additionally, Cocina Heritage differentiates itself by being the pioneer in utilizing natural, fresh,  ingredients that come from local, organic, sustainable sources just as our ancestors would do to prepare such Mexican delicacies.

Cocina Heritage has graced San Antonio since May 2013, when it first opened its doors as a catering company all while offering monthly Sunday brunches. In moving forward, in 2015 we will host the monthly series, long table dinners at the distillery. Reservations can be made by CLICKING HERE.


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Hours are by appointment
Weekly take out hours
Wednesday 4 pm – 7 pm

Long Table Dinner Series


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