Our Heritage

Cocina Heritage came about from the vision of sisters Silvia Alcaraz and Lupita Rivero to bring regional Mexican food made from the original recipes passed on from generation to generation.

In mid 2012, Lupita began the search for a venue and a catering company to serve about 50 guests at her youngest daughter’s baptismal. The search ended being a fiasco and Lupita ended up catering her daughters brunch. Her guests were impressed by the food and the smoothness of the event, so much that they suggested she started a catering service.

Since both sisters were already business partners, they decided to come together to fulfill their vision and began the preparations for their new venture. They felt equipped for the task since they were key team players back in Salamanca, Guanajuato, their hometown, where they helped their mother with the daily operations and administration of her cafe “La cafeteria GUYS”. The owning of their catering services on May 12, 2013 marks the beginning of a new era for Mexican food in San Antonio, TX.

A year later, on July 31st, 2014 they ventured into opening Cocina Heritage The Restaurant to further share their culinary goodness with the world. Both sisters grew up watching and helping their maternal great grand mother in the historic state of Guanajuato. Lupita inherited the dashing touch. Hence, she is in charge of the food preparation and together, they design the menu and its presentation. In Mexico City, in the middle of Mixcoac, where they had the privilege of living with their great aunts in a huge “casona”; they would also witness the most delicious food being prepared on their large brick “estufa” and clay pots. Dishes galore were prepared and the recipes forever engraved in Lupita’s memory and the savory tastes of each ingredient in everyones palate. That is what they want to recreate every time a guest tries their food, a sense of ancient Mexico’s home cooking!


Lupita Rivero is Cocina Heritage’s home cook. She is a chef by trade, who brings ancient recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation to life. Lupita manages the kitchen, assistants, and prep personnel in addition to her extensive entrepreneurial experience. Silvia Alcaraz brings her teaching and entrepreneurial background to Cocina Heritage by leading its human capital, developing its PR, and implementing its social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+.


Our families, our best assistants and supporters at any stage of any event along with our employees and our vendors.


Thank you to our clients for their love of our food keep Cocina Heritage's pots and pans moving.

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Leadership SAISD
San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau
Mission Fest
Edwards Aquifer
Business Opportunity Academy
LiftFund (formerly ACCION)
Avenida Guadalupe Association
Institute of Texan Cultures
Greater San Antonio Builders Association
SXSW eco
TEDx Women
City of San Antonio
King Williams CrossFit
Fiesta San Antonio
and countless private clientele



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